This inspired me to become a travel agent so I can help myself & others plan vacations.

A high school teacher since 2009 and a Cruises Inc. travel agent since 2017, Katie Rosser shares her success story, as well as tips on how to become a travel agent.

Why did you decide to open a travel agency?

I have always enjoyed visiting new places either with my family and friends, or through college athletics playing basketball. I was fortunate to study abroad while in college and have led high school students on school trips. When traveling, I like to be in charge of perfecting the details of each trip and doing my best to ensure everyone has a safe trip. This inspired me to become a travel agent so I can help myself and others plan memorable vacations.

How have your skills carried over from your teaching career?

I have always been a go-getter in my teaching career. I don’t like to settle for less than my best when it comes to designing lessons and my effort in the classroom; hence, I believe in the same efforts when it comes to customer service and planning the most memorable experiences for my clients.

How have you leveraged your teaching career to grow your business?

Being in a workplace full of dedicated teachers is the perfect environment to help my hard-working colleagues dream and plan their own family vacations. It also helps that we have scheduled time off for summer and winter breaks when they are often looking to get away. In addition, I have had the privilege of helping former students plan bachelor/bachelorette getaways, honeymoons and anniversary trips.

What are your favorite resources provided by Cruises Inc. that have contributed most to your growth and why?

The email distribution with current promotions from the marketing team has been incredibly helpful. This weekly summary provides insight into which cruise lines and land vendors are offering special discounts. Being part of Cruises Inc. I have a strong support system and often use the Cruises Inc. Agent Chat because I can ask a question and usually receive an answer within minutes, or be directed to the correct team for further insight.

What type of person should become a travel agent?

Qualities that a work-from-home travel agent should possess include being motivated, organized, creative, flexible, knowledgeable, reliable, and a good communicator. All of these traits give customers confidence that you are going to create the best vacation experience possible.

What advice do you have for somebody looking to open a travel agency?

Start small, and then expand your knowledge as you become more confident with the vendors. It can be overwhelming at first, but set monthly training goals to complete and start talking to people about how they book travel. It’s amazing how asking people a few questions can lead into potential clients.

What advice do you have for a travel agent who is looking to grow their business?

Do not be discouraged. People recently have frowned upon travel agents as they believe they can plan their own travel better than paying someone else. That might be true in some situations, but there are plenty of people out there who need someone to help them organize thoughts and transform them into the reality of a trip. It all comes down to the details. Create your own business cards, flyers, car decals, social media, etc. and don’t be afraid to market yourself!

What is your dream vacation?

Australia & New Zealand or exploring the Hawaiian Islands.

If travel is your passion and you want a business opportunity that takes you to new places, then consider becoming a work-at-home travel agent with Cruises Inc. For more information on the Cruises Inc. business opportunity, visit

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