Leaving the Law to Pursue Travel as a Work-at-Home Travel Agent

In 2014 Melissa Cohn took a risk that would change the trajectory of her life. After working as an Attorney for eight years, she decided to quit her job and pursue her passion for travel as a work- at-home travel agent. After conducting her due diligence and searching for travel agent jobs, she became an independent vacation specialist with Cruises Inc. in 2014, and in 2018 was recognized as the Cruises Inc. Agent of the Year.

Melissa finds that many of her skills from her legal career carry over into being a travel agent – patience, organization, detail-oriented and being a good listener. To be successful, she believes it also helps to travel and experience the cruises and destinations you are selling. She says it adds credibility to your recommendations and is a major reason why she has such a high repeat booking rate and big referral business.

Other than booking personal travel, Melissa had no prior experience in the travel industry and had to build her client base from the ground up. She found the best way to market herself was to get involved in the community. She leveraged her existing community connections, such as the local moms Facebook groups, to spread the word about her new business. This proved lucrative as she had already forged the personal connection with these women, so they knew they could trust her with their travel plans. Members of the group always recommend local services to each other and to their family members, making word-of-mouth and loyal customers a key to Melissa’s growth.

Melissa’s most important piece of advice is to take advantage of the training, resources and support provided by Cruises Inc. Even though you are working from home independently, you have access to a network of travel agents and a corporate headquarters team who have your back every step of the way and are your biggest cheerleaders. Cruises Inc. is truly a family with somebody always available to provide assistance, encouragement and support.

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