In my decision to become a travel agent, I followed my passion.

In celebration of the 101st Anniversary of the first woman enlisting in the Navy, we are sharing Cruises Inc. Independent Vacation Specialist Kathy Crelot’s story and her journey to becoming a travel agent.

Kathy enlisted in the U.S. Navy after graduating from high school in 1967 with a desire to explore the world. She looked for adventure at a very early age, and as the oldest of six siblings, she exchanged one family for another new “family.” Kathy served in the military for 20 years. She spent three years on active duty from 1967 to 1970 during the Vietnam War. She served in the Aerographers (weather) rating during her three years of active duty service while she was stationed in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and California.  After a long break in military service, she joined the Navy Reserves in 1985 under the Advanced Pay Grade Program, serving as a storekeeper (supply). She was promoted to Chief Petty Officer in 1997 and then promoted to officer status in 1999 as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the Supply Corp for her leadership and technical expertise in supply-related matters. At the time of her selection, she was one of only three Supply enlisted personnel in the entire United States Naval Reserve who were selected for a Supply Warrant Officer commission, and the only female to serve in that capacity at the time. Kathy retired in 2002 and in her 20 years of combined service, she served as a role model for other female sailors throughout her military career and helped many achieve promotions to further their careers.

Kathy believes many of the skills she learned in the military, carry over to running a business. The military provides the tools and opportunities to learn to multitask, prioritize, make and keep commitments, and take care of others. The other core values you build such as honesty, integrity, loyalty and perseverance are key in any business, including travel.

In her decision to become a travel agent, Kathy followed her passion. She has always loved exploring new places, developing an understanding and appreciation of this large, diverse world.

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