I knew this was the perfect second-career for me because I plan travel for my family.

Jo Ann Williams, Accountant and Travel Agent

Since 2011, Jo Ann Williams has been an accountant by day, and a Travel Agent by night. She knew this was the perfect second-career for her because prior to joining Cruises Inc., Jo Ann was always the appointed organizer of travel for family and friends.  Jo Ann believes her accounting background definitely helped in being detailed, organized and setting up the accounting to track her business.

Jo Ann is glad she joined Cruises Inc. because of its strong presence in the travel industry due to parent company World Travel Holdings. She also appreciates that the back office support is always there for agents. Jo Ann says “I like that I am not alone in this business, I have constant support and guidance if I need it.”

To those interested in joining Cruises Inc., Jo Ann wants to remind you that this is a business and requires time and energy to expose your brand and market your services.  Additionally, it is a constant learning process.

Jo Ann’s goal is to retire in the not-so-distant future so she can become a Travel Agent full-time. She would like to travel the world and share all of her experiences with her clients.

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