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Make Money Selling Cruises & More

We’ll train you to become an expert selling cruise vacations and you’ll reap the rewards by earning
commission on each sale! Start your fun side hustle selling (and earning) today!

  • Cruise Vacations

    Cruise Vacations

  • Shore Excursions

    Shore Excursions

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So, How Does This Work?

With each of your cruise sales, which by the way can be to yourself, friends and family, or social media acquaintances, you’ll earn a commission from each sale – it’s that easy! And your customers will love knowing that they will pay the same (or better) price for their cruise with you than they would by booking directly with the cruise line. Plus, they’ll have a better experience working with your expertise and guidance.

Selling Fun Pays Off!

Commission Example *Sample of how commission is calculated, used for demonstration, actual commissions may vary.

7 Night Caribbean Cruise Cabin Total Fare $2,500
Non-commissionable Fees $500
Total Commissionable Fare $2,000
16% Commission Earned $320
earn 60% as your commission split $192


Incentive Program

Get Rewarded for Selling Fun!

Receive up to an additional $335 during your first year. You can cash-out on three (stackable) tiers, which are awarded on top of your booking commission giving you even more ways to jumpstart your earnings. Here’s how you can cash out:

  • Tier 1

    Book 1 cruise within your first 3 months

  • Tier 2

    Book 3 cruises within your first 6 months

  • Tier 3

    Book 10 cruises within your first 12 months


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