What Challenges Will You Face as an Independent Home-Based Travel Agent?

The greatest challenge facing a NEW independent home-based travel agent is the belief that potential customers can book travel on the Internet without a travel professional.  Internet Travel Websites are actually glorified order takers … not matchmakers.  Travel agents fan the flame of the customer’s vacation dreams.  They add the value of service to the task of booking … making certain the customer’s personal hidden hopes for adventure, discovery, shopping, resting or lifestyle choices are met.

The independent home-based travel agent can meet this challenge by building relationships with their potential customers.  An agent needs to learn everything they can about both their customers and the products they are selling so that they can become true matchmakers.  Matching the ideal vacation destination or mode of travel to each individual should be their marketable and unique goal.

Cruises Inc. delivers significant support to the new independent travel agent as they work on building their knowledge of match-making skills.  The technology our agents receive includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that enables the home-based agent to keep detailed information about their customer’s preferences and lifestyles.

Another challenge faced by the home-based travel professional is isolation.  Here are some of the things Cruises Inc.

Provides to keep their Independent Travel Agents from feeling isolated:

  • Weekly telephone team meetings lead by one of our support specialists
  • Ongoing webinar education focused on building your travel industry knowledge
  • 24/7 Communication Center with chat function that allows you to communicate with
    other agents and with our support staff
  • Private group on Facebook which gives you a link to other Cruises Inc agents
  • Almost daily informational emails from Training, Marketing and Public Relations
    support staff
  • Regional and National conferences that give you multiple opportunities to network with
    our travel suppliers, headquarter staff members and each other

With Cruises Inc., the focus is on your success and you’re never alone!

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