Travel agent business

Cruises Inc. is a company that makes it easier to have your own travel agent business. When you work with Cruises Inc., you will have your own travel agent business so you can give customers the personal, customized service of a professional cruise and vacation specialist while still offering them the convenience of planning their vacations online or over the phone. Cruises Inc. agents offer great attention to detail and give expert advice to every customer. They are part of World Travel Holdings, which is the world’s largest cruise retailer and gives them their incredible buying power.

When you have your own travel agent business with Cruises Inc., you will identify excellent values on all major cruise lines, including exclusive programs for honeymoons, member cruises, group travel, and more. Cruises Inc. is the original host agency, and they have revolutionized the cruise industry by providing customers with the convenience of online planning for their trips while offering the personalized knowledge and guidance of a local travel agent business.  You will learn how to operate as an agent of Cruises Inc. with an initial training program that is second to none.

Getting the right training is essential for a successful travel agent business. Cruises Inc. offers an expert training team that has more than 40 years of experience to teach you the core components of the cruise industry, providing you with the specific business building and operational skills to help you succeed. You can choose from one of their three different training options designed to suit different needs. For some individuals who are starting their own travel agent business and have no other commitments, the in-person, six-day training at the Fort Lauderdale corporate headquarters is an option. People may also choose an all-encompassing, one-week virtual training program that takes place from Monday through Friday.

The third training option is a four-part Saturday virtual training series. Since the virtual training options are taken and completed online, these are great opportunities for people starting their own travel agent business but who have limits on their time. No matter what level of training and experience you have when you enter the training program, Cruise Inc.’s blended learning solutions will give you an understanding of the subject matter so you will have all of the knowledge you need to build a profitable travel agent business. During your training, you will meet with the corporate team in addition to cruise line representatives who will introduce their product and personnel to you.

Your training is a key component to building a successful travel agent business with Cruises Inc. It will provide you with product knowledge and the support and assistance you need from your local cruise line representatives for when your business is in operation. Go to to learn more about Cruises Inc., and about how they can help you open a travel agent business with the support of a large, successful company.

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