Tech is Always on Deck for Work-at-Home Travel Agents with Cruises Inc.

Barbara Hollings is a Senior Product Manager in the Information Technology department. This team creates cutting-edge technology so work-from-home travel agents can work efficiently from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  

Barbara manages a team of business analysts and ensures that the technology systems travel agents use are meeting their business needs, exceeding expectations and working effortlessly. This means she is in constant communication with our network – answering support questions, meeting with the IT Committee or sharing departmental news. Barbara often serves as the liaison between the IT team and other departments when they collaborate on new projects.

The IT Department has had to adapt the type of projects they are working on as a result of COVID-19. The main difference is that they are being very reactive to the current environment and focusing on supporting business needs for handling future cruise credits, cancellations and getting prepared for when booking levels increase by enhancing existing technology tools.   

The first place Barbara plans on traveling is to the mountains of North Carolina.

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