Support Services Steps Up Its Game Under Leadership of Marc Kramer

Available six days a week, the Support Services team is a lifeline for work-at-home travel agents with Cruises Inc., assisting travel agents via phone, live chat and email. Under the leadership of Support Services Manager Marc Kramer, this team of seven knows the ins and outs of running a travel agency business. 

On a typical day, the Support Services Team handles 150-200 calls a day, and roughly the same number of emails from Cruises Inc. travel agents. They help them with the nuts and bolts of making bookings, answering client questions and just generally helping them be successful.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Support Services is as busy as ever answering questions from Cruises Inc. travel agents. What has changed is the types of questions they are being asked. The team is now predominantly answering questions about cancellations, refunds, future cruise credits and suppliers’ policies. Service has become the new sales, and the Support Services team is essential in supporting travel agents while they support their clients during these unprecedented times.

Marc says, “I have a great team that takes a lot of pride in helping our agents. They are truly the glue that holds it all together.”

When asked the first place he will travel when he is able, Marc replied that he wants to go on a nice, relaxing Caribbean cruise with his family.

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