Sell Cruises at Home with our Training and Support


When most people think of training, fun doesn’t come to mind. But, when you’re learning about exciting cruises and how to make money selling them – well that sounds a lot better now doesn’t it? 

We’ll get you started as a Cruises Inc. vacation specialist and provide you with unlimited training and support opportunities! When you sign-up to join Cruises Inc. your virtual training is completed 100% online and can be finished in about 2.5 hours. Choose when to start, stop, or continue the training, learn at your own pace and schedule. No matter your learning style, our training allows you to tailor your experience to your needs. 

Booking cruises is easy when you have your own booking website and we take care of all the technology behind it so you can focus on having fun selling cruises! 

We’ll teach you how to book cruises on your website, but also through our reservation system. We also want to be sure you have all the info needed regarding what we offer, from marketing, technology, support and everything in between. 


Our web-based continuing education tool offers 500+ self-paced courses. If you prefer live training, we host weekly webinars with our travel suppliers, your Business Development Manager and your corporate support team.

Our Fast-Track Program starts before your initial training and has more than 50 free and low-cost marketing ideas, coaching and tips.

Want to increase your sales performance and gain buyer confidence? You can earn a variety of specialty certifications via our Learning Center.


Want to meet-up with other travel enthusiasts? We plan several meet-ups and in-person events throughout the year and located all around the country – plus, some onboard cruise ships! We love getting together in person with a fun group of people who love travel! That’s what this industry is all about, fun and exciting adventures! 

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