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  • Peeling the Host Agency Onion

    We’ve all heard about the onion and how when you peel off a layer it reveals a new layer and how, as you peel, it gets stinky and makes you…

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  • Travel Business Opportunity

    Part A:  Tangible Reasons to Take Advantage of a Travel Business Opportunity  All Independent Contractor (IC) travel agents need to be hosted by a reputable host agency.  According to new…

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  • 5 Reasons to Choose Cruises, Inc. as Your Travel Agent Business Opportunity

    The reasons for selecting a particular Travel Agent Business Opportunityfall into five categories for anyone considering the travel industry.  Those categories are:  technology, training, support, the company’s reputation in the…

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  • Becoming a Travel Agent

    Becoming as travel agent has never been a better choice for starting your own business.  When you consider 80% of all cruises, 70% of tours and packages, 50% of airline…

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  • As An Independent Travel Agent, Your Success Is Up to You

    Here are four factors you can use as indicators of success and some suggestions for implementing or improving them in your independent travel agent business.

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  • Home Travel Agent

    Home travel agent It’s never been a better time to start a business opportunity in the travel industry. But starting one on your own can be difficult. Beyond just having…

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  • Become A Travel Agent

    If you always wanted to become a travel agent but never had the confidence to start out on your own, Cruise Inc. could be the answer to your dream. As…

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  • Cruise travel agents

    Cruises Inc. independent cruise travel agents work at running their own businesses while being part of a proven, successful business model. They have tremendous industry buying power with a unique,…

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