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  • Imagine That

    For the last few blogs, we have imagined all kinds of things while we talked about what you can expect from Cruises Inc.  This time we are going to imagine…

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  • Here We Go Imagineering

    For the last few blogs, we have imagined destinations and dreamed of sunsets, beaches and other settings while we talked about what you can expect from Cruises Inc.  This time…

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  • Let’s Imagine Again

    When you imagine the beach does it have white, pink or black sand?  When you think about shopping do you see yourself strolling along narrow streets, shoulder to shoulder with…

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  • Can You Imagine? Independent Travel Agent.

    Imagine making vacation dreams come true for people who are excited and eager to experience an adventure.  Imagine working flexible hours from the comfort of your own home.  Imagine expanding…

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  • Cruises, Inc.: A Partnership to Sell Travel

    The act of selling travel isn’t hard.  If you have a passion for travel, a sense of fun and adventure, and love to talk to people, closing the deal will…

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  • There’s No Place Like Home!

    You don’t have to be following a yellow brick road or falling down a rabbit hole to wish you were home.  Being at home can easily include your work life. …

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  • Peeling the Host Agency Onion

    We’ve all heard about the onion and how when you peel off a layer it reveals a new layer and how, as you peel, it gets stinky and makes you…

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  • Travel Business Opportunity

    Part A:  Tangible Reasons to Take Advantage of a Travel Business Opportunity  All Independent Contractor (IC) travel agents need to be hosted by a reputable host agency.  According to new…

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