Open a Whole New World … Become a Home Based Travel Professional

Being a travel professional opens the whole world.  It is a unique business opportunity. There’s no inventory cost.  Growth in experience and knowledge is fun.  And, every new customer opens the opportunity for a new adventure.  Working from home allows you the flexibility to work where you want, when you want and how often you want.

But, it is hard to do alone.  There are both tangible and intangible reasons to affiliate, as an Independent Contractor (IC), with a host company like Cruises Inc..  Tangible reasons can be measured.  You can pencil them out and compare results in a concrete way. Let’s look at some of the tangible reasons to join Cruises Inc. (CINC).

The first of these is to keep costs down.   If costs are down, your profitability is up.  CINC bears the cost for industry certifications like CLIA and IATAN.  We also bear the cost of compliance with state Seller of Travel registrations and the costs of technology like web sites, booking engines and client relation management packages.

We give our ICs many other ways to be smart about expenditures.  Marketing materials and office supplies can be secured through our marketing center (Cruise Create Plus) at lower costs due to our volume purchasing power.  This volume purchasing extends to business cards, mailing lists and printing as well.

The second tangible reason is affiliationwith CINC results in higher supplier volume which means higher commission. If commission is greater, profitability is too.  Very few travel agents, standing alone, have enough volume with a supplier to generate more than base commission.   A CINC affiliated IC gets the benefit of higher commission, due to our company’s sales volume, from their first booking.

Another measurable reason to affiliate is CINC agents can expect training and personal support. The more you know, the more you can earn.  We provide training for a broad variety of skills from selling to social media marketing, from business planning to time management, from setting up files to setting up an office and much more.

Cruises Inc. ICs can have vacation coverage for their customers. We will provide this coverage so that the IC’s clients have seamless service even while the IC is out of the office.

CINC pays attention to the details. This is both tangible and intangible.  Our support staff keeps up with industry and regulatory changes.  They may have notice of changes months before the knowledge hits the mainstream information loop.   When CINC complies with regulatory change, the IC is covered.   ICs can have greater profitability if they can focus on selling rather than rooting out these changes and their significance.  Sometimes finding out whether something is truth or rumor can take a long time … time better spent, by an IC, in generating sales.

There are also intangible reasons to affiliate with CINC as an IC.  These are not as easy to quantify but are often just as valuable.  They usually make work easier or more fun.  CINC has a number of ways for you to keep isolation at bay. Most ICs work in a solitary environment.  There is no shared problem solving.  The quiet can become deafening.  Our ICs are part of a larger network.  Other agents are available to brain storm.  Support is present, by social networking, email and phone for dealing with both client and supplier issues.  As a Cruises Inc. IC, you are NEVER alone.

One word about what Cruises Inc does not do.  It does not remove or damage your identity.  Think of your business as having two faces, each with a name.  One is for your customer and community.  This face may have your name, your logo and your identity.  It comes with all the benefits of personalized service and individual attention to the client.  The other face is for the supplier and regulator side.  It has the CINC face, image and reputation.  It comes with all the benefits of size.  As an IC, you are
in control of which face you put forward.  You decide which set of benefits you need.  If you don’t have this other face, you are on your own if you need additional strength!

As an IC, you still benefit from the CINC image and reputation. An independent contractor told me about approaching a supplier at a conference to try to get a client complaint resolved.  The IC’s name badge listed her personal business name and not that of her affiliated Company.  After a very brief non-productive conversation, the agent told the supplier who she was affiliated with and got immediate resolution.  The Company had a reputation and image that the independent could not achieve alone.

Cruises Inc. also provides friendly support. “Atta-girls”, sounding boards, helpful hints and shared defense against
internet scams round out the support you can get from us.  Whether you’re new to the industry and need tons of help starting and developing your business, or you’re an accomplished travel professional looking for more clout, a reputable affiliation is the way to go.

The first and most important decision you will make as a independent travel business owner is how to align yourself for increased profitability and quicker success.   Choosing a reputable affiliate will not only increase profitability, it will provide solid success through both tangible and intangible incentives:   all without sacrificing your individuality.  Visit and fill out the “Contact Us” form.  One of our recruiters will contact you immediately and get you started on your path to opening a whole new world!

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