Marketing That’s Easy and Sets You Up for Success

Our team of creative marketing pros are working hard behind the scenes to make you and your side-business look good! Selling cruises is all about selling fun, exciting vacation and letting as many people as possible know that you can book their next amazing cruise vacation! That’s why we make sure your marketing assets reflect that, and all of our programs are free or very low-cost and completely turn-key! Here’s our list of top marketing programs that help you reach many potential customers and have existing customers coming back for more.


With Cruises Inc., you’re provided with a booking website that is customizable and has all your contact information on it. Any customer who books a vacation on your website is tracked back to you and and your commissions earned from that vacation. This is all included as a member of Cruises Inc. We manage your sites, update them regularly and make sure that all promotions, sales and pricing is current and up to date! 


Our marketing team sends beautifully designed emails on your behalf to your customer database. The emails are personalized with your contact information and all links within the emails link back to your personal website as well. These emails highlight the latest and greatest deals, promotions, offers and exclusive rates we have to offer with a call to action for your customer to book with you. 


We fully-fund a vacation giveaway that rotates four times per year. The contest is a way for you to generate new leads and customers who you can promote your vacation services to! On your website, we build-out a landing page with a lead form and each person who enters the contest is also automatically signed up for your marketing emails – which we send on your behalf as well. Noticing a trend here – we do all of this on your behalf so you can spend more time selling cruises or heck, even going on a cruise yourself! 


Social media has become a great resource for generating leads and engaging with your customers. We support your social media efforts by providing you with resources, curated content, and imagery for your postings so you don’t have to come up with all of your social  media content on your own. 


We produce professional travel videos that are featured on your website – you may also use them on social media or email marketing. This is a great tool for inspiring your clients to book their next cruise vacation with you Videos. Highlight cruise ships, destinations, all-inclusive resorts and provide travel tips.


Print professionally designed flyers and coupons instantly! Our unique web-based publishing system is your one-stop-shop for all your marketing collateral and print-related needs. Plus, you can order business cards, stationery, trade show event materials and much more.


Our PR team has created a collection of fully customizable press releases, travel articles and stories on destinations, cruise lines and travel lifestyles.

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