Let’s Imagine Again

When you imagine the beach does it have white, pink or black sand?  When you think about shopping do you see yourself strolling along narrow streets, shoulder to shoulder with others in a streaming metropolis or holding hands with your partner in an exotic open air market?  When you dream about exploring do you picture jungles, shark-filled waters or glaciers?  In your mind’s eye is your perfect vacation filled with the laughter of your children, wine-tasting with other couples on a moonlit deck or schussing down a newly groomed mountain slope?  Can you see yourself in these pictures?  What if your travel agent business opportunity came complete with all of these images and more?

Cruises Inc. is a travel agent business opportunity.  You’ve heard about the training we provide new agents so let’s talk about the marketing support your new travel agent business will receive from Cruises Inc.  From your very first day, you will have a marketing toolbox full of ideas to help you paint pictures that create excitement and anticipation for your potential travel clients.

Our award-winning marketing includes a weekly, complimentary, personalized automatic email newsletter that is tailored to the preferences and geographic location of your clients.  It contains your contact information and all the links within the newsletter are connected to your websites.  That’s websites … plural!

Your marketing toolbox from Cruises Inc. contains multiple targeted websites and each includes a LIVE BOOKING ENGINE that allows your travel clients to book their vacations through any of your websites.  Your travel agent business opportunity will be instantly available to internet shoppers on your contemporary, luxury, member or company oriented websites.  Each of these websites contains thousands of pages of up-to-the-minute and customizable content.  You will also be able to attach a blog to your sites and promote your new business opportunity on all your other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You will have your own marketing hub in an application called CruiseCreate Plus.  Think of it as your one-stop-shop for template-based, print-on-demand brochures, posters and direct mail marketing pieces.  In addition to all the free materials you’ll find here, there are also mailing lists, personalized mail pieces like postcards and brochures, a company store and customizable travel magazines and catalogs … all designed to polish your professional image as you grow your travel agent business opportunity into a thriving success!  And most are priced at 25 – 50% of the actual production and postage costs.

Shouldn’t your new business venture begin with maximum marketing exposure?  In our fast-paced information age, shouldn’t your business opportunity include pictures that paint the world you want to sell?  That’s what partnering with Cruises Inc., an established, award-winning travel retailer, will provide.

Come back to this blog next month to imagine some more when we talk about the innovative technology Cruises Inc. will make available to your new travel agent business opportunity.  Visit us today at www.sellcruises.com and complete the “contact us” form.  One of our recruitment specialists will reach out to you and help you begin your own personal journey to a happy and exciting career!

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