Imagine That

For the last few blogs, we have imagined all kinds of things while we talked about what you can expect
from Cruises Inc.  This time we are going to imagine what it can be like to work with a dedicated support team who believes your success is their success.  Imagine that … a real partner as you begin your journey to become a work from home travel agent.

A staff of about 100 employees, in our Ft. Lauderdale facility, supports you in the following areas:

Agent Support

  • Customer Care
  • Full Back-Office Assistance
  • 24-Hour Technical System Support
  • Specialty Group Support

Think of “agent support” as the people who take care of you while you work from home.  Do you have a question about how to make a booking or how to use the reservation system?  Maybe you are wondering why your confirmation doesn’t match your reservation notes.  Perhaps you’d like help with entering a hotel or shore excursion into a cruise booking you’ve already made.  Our agent support staff is there to assist you six days a week.  During their off hours, you can also reach out to the network of Cruises Inc. agents
through the 24/7 Business Center Communication Center.

Customer Care is where you can receive assistance with things your customer is concerned about.  Maybe they need to cancel a trip or change a component of their booking.  Customer Care will also assist you with filing insurance claims for your clients and making sure all of your customers’ needs are met.  Think of them as who you call for issues after the sale is made.

Our back office assistance comes in the form of folks who validate the information in your recorded
bookings and notify you of any discrepancies.  They also send emails for additional and final payments, collect insurance payments, send shore excursion and welcome home emails.  They cover all the details so you can focus on your clients and making more sales as a work from home travel agent.

Our Technical System Support folks are watching your technical systems 24/7.  They will alert you by email if there are any down times … even those scheduled by our major suppliers.  They will assist you with installing the technology you need to communicate with us and help you make sure it stays up and running.  Our technology is supported by dedicated staff located in our Ft. Lauderdale HQ office.  They maintain and update your Cruises Inc. websites, the Business Center and your reservation system called Cruise Control.

Finally, we offer specialty group support for all of our home-based travel agents.  The specialty group folks assist you with planning and implementing your group sales.  Whether you’re looking at affinity or speculative groups, their assistance make creating and booking into groups, with both cruise and land
vacation suppliers, a snap.

Here are a few of the other things our support folks will help you with:

  • Planning and implementing a cruise night
  • Sales and marketing resources
  • Finding groups
  • Ongoing training
  • Client check payments
  • Customer assistance when you’re on vacation
  • Post-travel issues and complaints

We really never leave you feeling isolated or alone.  Just because you choose to work from home doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of help when you need or want it.  Cruises Inc. is there for you … online and on the phone!   We simply love what we do and want you to love what you do.  We want to enable our partners … you … to be successful from the comfort and convenience of your home!

Visit us today at and complete the “contact us” form.  One of our recruitment specialists will reach out to you and help you begin your own personal journey to a happy and exciting career!

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