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Joining a host agency is a great way to kick-start your career as a home based travel agent. A host agency will provide you with everything you need to get the ball rolling and start booking reservations for your clients. You will have the benefit of an established reservation system and access to the support of a corporate headquarters team.

Cruises Inc. is a recognized and strong host agency that will set you on your way to an exciting career as a home based travel agent. By starting your business with Cruises Inc. as a host agency, you are joining a team of individuals who are highly trained and have access to all the right tools, as well as have pride in what they do.

Cruises Inc. provides you with many training options that will allow you to join its host agency as an independent travel agent. You can complete your training on site with the company in a matter of six days, online within less than a week, or online via four separate weekends. In this way, Cruises Inc. provides you with the right opportunity to fit your schedule. Take these training courses to join a team of professionals working with a host agency.

Some host agencies provide you with little more than a name. By working with Cruises Inc., you not only benefit from their top-of-the-line professional training, but also from access to all of their marketing programs. This will give you the same exposure as a Fortune 500 company gets; as far as host agencies go, Cruises Inc. is your number one choice for well-rounded support.

As part of its host agency benefits, Cruises Inc. provides their independent travel agents with a highly customizable personal website. You can pick what you want to showcase at any certain time, and thereby tailor your own webpage to reflect what you want clients to see. Host agencies that help their travel agents with marketing provide you with a much wider breadth of options when it comes to reaching a larger audience.

As a host agency, Cruises Inc. also provides its agents with numerous other online benefits to support their work. Agents can log in to a web-based tool provided by the host agency, which allows them to customize ads for magazines, newspapers, and flyers. With so many benefits, you are sure to find the best tool to support your business.

In addition to all of the above benefits that Cruises Inc. provides as part of its host agency service, it also allows its independent travel agents to send out its in-house magazine and other seasonal brochures, personalized with their very own credentials. This way, your host agency provides you with all the opportunities possible to connect with your clients and reach a wider audience.

Visit to see why Cruises Inc. is the right host agency for you. As far as host agencies go, Cruises Inc. is unparalleled in customer service. Contact Cruises Inc. today.

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