Here We Go Imagineering

For the last few blogs, we have imagined destinations and dreamed of sunsets, beaches and other settings
while we talked about what you can expect from Cruises Inc.  This time we are going to consider
“imagineering.”   Imagineering is a term Disney coined some years ago to describe what happens when you blend imagination with technology.  We’re big on that combination at Cruises Inc. too.   So, as you begin your journey toward a travel business opportunity, let’s do some Imagineering!

Imagine your own suite of customizable websites.  Each of them branded with your name and phone number.  Each of them has a booking engine that links to both your reservation system and your marketing application.  Each with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data capture capability allowing you to produce targeted marketing campaigns.  Prominently displayed on every site is a search widget, called Cruise Finder, that allows your travel business clients to search for the cruise that matches their imagination.  They can search by Cruise Line, by destination, by date, by length of cruise and by departure port.

Imagine a reservation system for your travel business that allows you to shop and compare up to three
different supplier itineraries side-by-side.  Imagine a reservation system that interfaces in real time to all the major Cruise Lines and allows you to see pricing and inventory exactly as the reservation clerk at the Cruise Line is seeing it.  Imagine being able to price, compare, quote, create a one-click eInvoice and eBrochure about the client’s trip from one transaction.

Imagine a reservation, CRM and website system that is interconnected and allows you instant access to
financial reports for your travel business opportunity.  You can instantly see the success of your
marketing efforts, where you are in relation to your accounting goals and whose birthdays you need to acknowledge in the coming days.  You can set up reminders to support the way you like to do business and set notifications for follow-up with your clients.  All within the reservation/CRM system called Cruise Control which Cruises Inc. provides to Independent Contractors who choose us as their travel business opportunity.

Our technology Imagineering also includes:

  • Booking widgets that allow you to sell from social media sites
  • An interface between your reservation/CRM system and your marketing hub that allows you to build customer mailing and marketing lists automatically without re-entering date
  • An Intranet that connects you 24/7 with support, training,  marketing and technology services
  • A personal email client embedded in your reservation/CRM and  intranet which allows you to send and receive email from within any of  those systems

Just as you imagine the wonders of your own travel business opportunity, you should also consider the
depth and breadth of technology your partner in the opportunity will bring.  Cruises Inc. has a full technology staff.  We design, test, service and continuously imagineer all our technology.  If you need help with any of it, our own staff takes care of you.  Not someone in another company or another country.  Imagine that!

Come back to this blog next month for the last in our series about imagining.  We will explore how Cruises Inc. supports you when we are your Host Agency.  Visit us today at and complete the “contact us” form.  One of our recruitment specialists will reach out to you and help you begin your own
personal journey to a happy and exciting career!

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