Former Courier Now Delivers Dream Vacations as a Work-From-Home Travel Agent with Cruises Inc.

When COVID-19 took the world by storm in 2020, Carolyn Coke found herself at a crossroads in her career as a courier. She was overwhelmingly busy and unfulfilled at her previous job and wanted to transition to a new career. With travel at standstill, she found it the perfect time to learn a new skillset as it gave her the time to leisurely complete travel training with different suppliers. Carolyn is confident that once cruises begin sailing again, people will use travel agents more than ever before, and she will be prepared to answer the influx of calls from people who are ready to get away and cruise again.

With Cruises Inc., Carolyn feels that she joined a warm and welcoming group. Her Sales Manager, the Training Team and Support Services have been there from the beginning to guide her in getting started.

She says, “If you love cruising and want to have a business of your own, Cruises Inc. provides you with a low-cost opportunity, along with a supportive team and training to get you on your way in an industry that will be around for a very long time.”

She loves the people, the training, and flexibility of being a work-at-home travel agent and encourages those who love to discover new places and meet new people to join Cruises Inc. Carolyn’s advice for new agents is to have patience with yourself, focus on one area (niche) to start and build relationships.

Carolyn’s bucket list includes Hawaii, Japan and South Africa.

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