Cruises Inc. Agent of the Year Naomi Kuhns Shares Advice on Opening a Travel Agency

In 2006, Naomi Kuhns became an independent vacation specialist with Cruises Inc., and in 2019, she was named the Cruises Inc. Agent of the Year. Several attributes have helped her become successful — she is driven, continues to seek knowledge and grow in her profession, enthusiastic and eager to share her excitement with others. Naomi shares tips for travel enthusiasts who are interested in selling travel from home with Cruises Inc.

What type of person should become a travel agent?

If you are passionate about planning travel and place a high priority on building relationships, then you should become a travel agent with Cruises Inc. Clients appreciate travel agents who are resourceful, dependable and authentic.

What advice do you have for somebody looking to open a travel agency?

Ask questions. Find a mentor. Network.  Be resourceful. Use social media. Don’t be timid about handing out your business card. You never know who is in the market for a travel agent. Think of it as you are helping them. Additionally, find opportunities to travel, whether it is a seminar at sea, conference or just for pleasure. The more you travel, the more you can share with your clients.

What advice do you have for working from home? 

Working from home can be a blessing and curse. It requires discipline. You must set boundaries between your work and personal life. It’s important that you set a schedule and adhere to it. 

How do you juggle the work-life balance? 

I must be honest; I am not the best at that. I am available most of the time. If a client calls in the evening or on the weekend, or over a holiday and I am available, I will take their call. I know how important it is to have balance, but I am a very driven person and I love what I do. This is an area I have spent my life trying to improve. My family lovingly calls me “M.O.” for Maximum Overdrive because I give my all into everything I do!

What headquarters team has contributed the most to your success?

Everyone at Cruises Inc. cares about your successI can’t say enough about Support Services.  The people working in this department are true superheroes. They are caring, helpful, patient and knowledgeable problem solvers. The technology department continues to add enhancements to improve the ease of booking vacations and are willing to troubleshoot if you have any questions or problems.

What’s on your bucket list?

There are a few: Iceland, Tahiti and Australia.

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