Cruise Travel Agents Help this Niche Find Themselves in their Quest to travel the World

There is a new wave of travel you can relate to … literally. It’s being called DNA Tourism or Ancestral Tourism and involves traveling to locations based on ancestry results from popular DNA testing kits. With a boom in at home DNA testing and kits going for as low as $75, access to this information has never been easier. People have always been interested in the historical significance of the places they travel to, but this added twist of travel based on ancestral connection is becoming an up-and-coming niche in the travel industry.

Becoming a cruise travel agent is a great way to help people in their ancestral journey. Cruises provide people the best opportunity to easily travel to multiple islands or countries in one itinerary. They can add extensions before or after their cruise to journey further into their roots. This niche involves people of all walks of life but is mainly composed of Millennial and Generation Z travelers. These segments value experiences over tangible items and are looking for highly personalized and travel in a convenient way. Cruise travel agents help bridge the gap between convenience, value and customizable travel. By joining Cruises Inc., we’ll teach you how to become a cruise travel agent so you can begin selling to this niche or any other markets that spark your interest.

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