Cruise travel agents

Cruises Inc. independent cruise travel agents work at running their own businesses while being part of a proven, successful business model. They have tremendous industry buying power with a unique, customized experience that offers customers the ability to plan vacations online while at the same time enjoying personalized service from an experienced local cruise specialist. By having independently operating cruise travel agents around the globe, Cruises Inc. can provide customers with the attention to detail and expert advice that every customer will enjoy.

If you decide to become one of the cruise travel agents in the Cruises Inc. family, you will identify excellent values on all major cruise lines, including exclusive programs for honeymoons, member cruises, group travel, and more. Cruises Inc. values embracing change for learning and growth, and building open and honest collaboration through communication. They enjoy fostering positive team and community spirit, and working smarter with passion and determination. Above all, they value doing these things with integrity. Their purpose is to enable their partners to be successful as cruise travel agents working from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

What does it take to become one of the successful cruise travel agents at Cruises Inc.? You should have a passion for travel as well as an inherent desire to bring those cruise destinations to life. This is a huge responsibility to your clients as well as to the industry. Cruises Inc. takes great pride in training their agents and offering them full support in every aspect of managing a home-based business by providing agents with the opportunity to concentrate on servicing clients and providing each client with a personalized, remarkable experience. Their cruise travel agents have the tools to build successful home businesses if they have the right qualities and the desire to apply them.

When you join the cruise travel agents from Cruises Inc., you will find that the cruise industry is the most exciting vacation category in the travel industry. Cruising is currently a $23 billion industry, with even more potential for growth in the future. Cruise travel agents play a major role in filling cruise vessels to capacity. Three of four cruisers actually book their cruises through a travel agent, which stresses the important of education and guidance to learn the subtle difference between the lines themselves, vessels, and destinations visited. A well-educated, service-minded travel agent can see up to a 60% repeat and referral rate based on his or her skills.

The cruise travel agents that work for Cruises Inc. receive the best training so they have the potential to build a strong business that consists of many repeat customers. At the same time, since Cruises Inc. has cruise travel agents who work out of their own homes, there is a huge advantage to starting your own travel business with them rather than starting on your own or with another company. Go to to learn more about this growing company, and how you can become an important part of it!

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