Communications Team Shifts Focus; Becomes Central News Hub for COVID-19

While many businesses started feeling the impact of COVID-19 in March, Public Relations & Corporate Communications Manager Rachel Shapiro along with the rest of the Communications Team have been in the trenches since late January ensuring that our Cruises Inc. work-from-home agents are informed and educated with official information in order to assist their clients.

The Public Relations Team is responsible for securing interview opportunities for agents and executives, as well as supporting travel agents with garnering publicity in their local communities. She also is a member of the company’s Urgent News Response Team, which means sharing breaking news, and providing supporting facts and talking points with agents so they can respond to questions from their clients.

As with many other departments, Rachel found her role transitioned more to internal communications and support. Rachel shares daily, and sometimes what seems like hourly, updates on supplier policy changes so agents have the most up-to-date information. She also oversees Industry Buzz, a special section of Cruises Inc’s intranet that is dedicated to everything COVID-19-related with resources to assist travel agents sell cruises from home.  It includes talking points, infographics, spreadsheets on policy changes, videos, corporate blogs and so much more.

Rachel has her annual family vacation to Arizona scheduled for this August and she is looking forward to a week of rest and relaxation.

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