Can You Imagine? Independent Travel Agent.

Imagine making vacation dreams come true for people who are excited and eager to experience an
adventure.  Imagine working flexible hours from the comfort of your own home.  Imagine expanding your own world knowledge through researching the travel desires of your friends, family members and new-found clients.  Imagine yourself traveling … at reduced rates.  Imagine learning about marketing and using the latest technology to reach beyond your own neighborhood to find prospective clients.  Doesn’t that sound like a great career?  Becoming an Independent Travel Agent can be all that you imagine.  Partnering with Cruises Inc., a leader in the home-based travel industry, will assure the training you need on your journey toward career success.

Cruises Inc. is a travel business opportunity.  Cruises Inc. provides a full training package designed with flexibility at the core.  After more than 30 years in the business of hosting Independent Travel Agents, Cruises Inc. knows what the home-based, independent travel agent needs to make each day and each travel booking fun for both you and your potential clients.

You’ll find your training actually begins during the recruitment and enrollment process which is fact-filled.  Your agreement with Cruises Inc . and all the legalities of engaging in a Business Opportunity will be personally explained by one of our recruitment specialists.  They will assist you with creating your website profile, establishing your commission payment route and enrolling in the training agenda that matches
your specific scheduling needs.  Your recruitment specialist will also start you on your way to finding clients with two Fast Track Marketing plans.  These plans are filled with ideas to jump start your new endeavor.

Your training will include all the basics of researching and booking travel with the tools provided by
Cruises Inc.  You’ll also learn basic marketing skills, customer relationship management and travel product
descriptions.  Our training doesn’t stop with the startup package.  As one of our affiliates, you will have ongoing access to a multitude of sales, travel, technology and business related topics.  Your access may be through live webinars or on-demand, recorded sessions.  Again, the flexibility lets you determine when ongoing education fits your needs and schedule.

Every email, every phone call, every contact you make as an Independent Travel Agent is filled with the
fun and excitement of making vacation dreams come true for your clients.  Cruises Inc. provides you with some important tools to make this exciting career easier for you to achieve.  Beginning with flexible start-up training and including weekly emailed promotions, a suite of booking-engine enabled
websites, multiple award-winning direct mail marketing pieces and extraordinary back-office support … your relationship as an Independent Travel Agent affiliated with Cruises Inc. may be the best career move you ever make.  Come back to this blog next month to learn more about the marketing portion of the Independent Contractor package we offer.

Visit us today at and complete the “contact us” form.  One of our recruitment specialists will reach out to you and help you begin your own personal journey to a happy and exciting career!

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