5 Reasons to Choose Cruises, Inc. as Your Travel Agent Business Opportunity

The reasons for selecting a particular Travel Agent Business Opportunityfall into five categories for anyone considering the travel industry.  Those categories are:  technology, training, support, the company’s reputation in the industry and financial stability of the parent company.

A travel agent business opportunity in today’s world must provide you with cutting edge technology.  Cruises, Inc. doesn’t farm this vital ingredient out to others.  We have designed and developed our own combined customer relations management (CRM) tool and reservation system called CruiseControl.  It provides our agents with real-time access to cruise line inventory and pricing.   CruiseControl also gives you a single place to track revenue, marketing results and client lists.  Cruises, Inc. will also provide you with a virtual back office called the Business Center, a virtual marketing hub called Cruise Create and a suite of websites that are designed and maintained by us.

When you begin a travel agent business opportunity, training is paramount to success.  In addition to initial training, Cruises, Inc. also provides ongoing training in topics as diverse as:

  • Target marketing
  • Destinations around the World
  • Product knowledge for both land and sea vendors
  • Sales Skills
  • Social Networking for Profit
  • Finding and planning group travel

As your travel agent business opportunity grows, you will have multiple and varied needs for support.  Cruises, Inc. has almost 100 staff members located in our Ft. Lauderdale home-based division who are devoted to assisting you so that you’re never alone in the sale, service and care of your clients.   Available six days a week, this staff provides back office and customer support, technology and marketing consultation and assistance with ideas to build your business.  Their personal attention supports your success.

When you begin a new travel agent business opportunity, you can have instant recognition and reputation within the travel industry because of your affiliation with Cruises, Inc.  Started in 1982, Cruises, Inc. has built a solid reputation of customer service and vendor commitment.   Having a name that is known in those areas will make your start-up much easier.  Having one that is known for quality will make your transition to success hassle-free!  With Cruises, Inc. and our 32 years of excellence, you’ll have both!

If your travel agent business opportunity is with Cruises, Inc., you will have the full financial stability of our parent company, World Travel Holdings (WTH) behind you from the very first day!  We’re proud of our family of brands and invite you to learn more about them at www.wth.com.

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