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Make Vacations
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Celebrating 35 years in business, Cruises Inc. has been recognized as the best Travel Host Agency. As part of World Travel Holdings, we are the world’s largest seller of cruise vacations. By joining our family, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you are associated with the very best in the industry. So go ahead, make vacations your business!


Hear from our Independent Vacation Specialists

“I am currently in the 95th percentile among all Cruises Inc. agents. I bring my passion for cruising into my business. I treat each guest like I am planning my own cruise; taking them step by step through the process. One of the best things I love about my job is the interaction I have with my customers. I make a new friend each time I book a cruise.”

Michael Gonzalez
Independent Vacation Specialist

“After planning many large cruise groups, many people kept asking why I hadn’t become a travel agent, so I decided to give it a 6-month minimum commitment. Not only was I chosen as “Rookie of the Year” after my first year in business, my business has grown so that I am currently in the 93rd percentile for sales among Cruises Inc. agents. The choice to work with Cruises Inc. was a no-brainer. After researching a variety of travel agencies, I became a client of a Cruises Inc. agent for 5 years. Signing up to work with the same company I had entrusted my own vacations to was an easy choice.”

Pris Phillips
Independent Vacation Specialist

“I learned about Cruises Inc. from my mother-in-law who is a Cruises Inc. agent. I was referring so many people to her and answering questions about travel, it only made sense to become an agent myself. I did this in hopes of working from home full time and having more flexibility with my schedule.”

Katie Diekhaus
Independent Vacation Specialist

“The best thing about being a travel agent is that I wake up every morning and can’t wait to get to my desk and start work. I get to work with people that are happy and excited they are planning a trip. It feels good to be part of making dream vacations and amazing memories for people. Being affiliated with a large travel agency like Cruises Inc. gives you amazing benefits that the smaller agencies can’t. The management team at Cruises Inc. feels like a small agency in terms of a “family-like” atmosphere, but they offer the best in terms of new technology, marketing programs, continuous training, beautiful websites and support for all aspects of your business. They provide all of this.”

Lori Foster
Independent Vacation Specialist

“I never thought I would become a travel agent, I was an accountant for 35 years. I knew I wanted to travel the world and this would give me the opportunity to do so. I enjoy helping friends and family with their travel plans and luckily for me I found my true calling!”

Jo Ann Williams
Independent Vacation Specialist

“I have been very pleased as a Cruises Inc. Agent. The support from staff and other agents are always there no matter the situation and the technical staff is there to help with any issues. Even if I just need encouragement our corporate headquarters staff and other agents are always willing to offer their shoulder as well as some expert advice. Knowing I have this type of support allows me to concentrate on growing my business so that I can succeed in the industry.”

Lillie West
Independent Vacation Specialist

“I was looking forward to retiring for a long time, but I had nothing interesting to do. My one passion is cruising, so I researched opportunities in the cruise industry. I have learned so much from the training team and customer care and have found this to be so much fun.”

Mike Cohen
Independent Vacation Specialist

“Being a Vacation Specialist with Cruises Inc. is an adventure I’ve always wanted. The fact that I sell both cruise and land is wonderful, I have many opportunities to see the world and tell my clients about my findings. This is an opportunity for my dreams to come true, I‘m ecstatic.”

Laurie Ann Bahna
Independent Vacation Specialist

“I love Cruises Inc! They offer amazing support through the Support Services team and training which makes me better at what I do. They also offer great software, which allows me to focus more on listening and matching my clients to the right vacation experience and less on formatting invoices and keeping cumbersome records. The size of the World Travel Holdings family allows me to pass advantages along to my clients and pays me top commission. Lastly, the other agents affiliated with Cruises Inc., form an amazing, supportive and helpful community which I am honored to be a part of.”

Brett Hall
Independent Vacation Specialist

Rolando Galvez Cruises Inc. Independent Vacation Specialist

Being a travel agent with Cruises Inc. gives me the opportunity to travel and see the world. There is no better time to do that than while you’re young. One of my favorite things about being a travel agent is that I get to live vicariously through my clients in hearing about their adventures all over the world! And being a home-based agent has allowed me to have a flexible schedule and to work from home.

Rolando Galvez
Independent Vacation Specialist