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Hear directly from our agents about how much they love being an independent vacation specialist with Cruises Inc.


“I never thought I would become a travel agent…I was an accountant for over 35 years and assumed I would retire as an accountant. However, when I was a little girl, my dream was to become an airline stewardess. I knew I wanted to travel the world and I knew this would give me the opportunity to do so. I went to college, fell in love, got married and immediately started raising a family. I became an accountant and had a successful career. Eventually, I rose to the vice president level and was fairly content. As I was busy with many facets of my life, I realized that I was rapidly approaching becoming an empty-nester. I was thinking, now I can think about what I want to do with the rest of my life. Also during this time, my job ended due to a company merger and I would soon be out of a job. Though I no longer wanted to be an airline stewardess, I decided I would love to become a travel agent. I enjoyed helping friends and family with their travel plans and loved planning my own travel adventures.  Luckily for me I found my true calling and I am extremely happy and enjoying every minute of being it!”
Jo Ann Williams, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2011, Manassas, VA


“I come from a healthcare background and I wanted more flexibility with my schedule and more family time. My deciding factor was the connection I felt with Cruises Inc., they are truly there to support me. We are a big network of agents, but we have a tight-knit family feel. I felt like I could make a career out of this almost immediately and that’s because of the people surrounding me, I don’t think I could ever do this on m my own. I realized early on that I had the tools around me to do this long term. The technology provided is great, I have everything needed to be professional, prepared and be valuable to my clients. They truly are there every step of the way, from phone calls, webinars, and more. I’m not a sales person, but I’m a people person – that comes easily to me. Cruises Inc. provides training on products so that when I have a conversation with my clients I understand which is the perfect cruise line or resort vacation for them.”
Amy Fasbinder, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2013, Malvern, PA

“Cruises Inc. has an expansive line of training tools available to the beginner so you can start from a very simple module and work your way up, it’s just a matter of taking those steps little by little. If anyone is overwhelmed by the information, the tools are there to help you succeed in your business. The resources are really what helps you build your knowledge and your portfolio. After my training, I still had questions and I’ve never been told no. I’m still learning but the support service that is provided 24/7 gives me the confidence and it will take you to the next level very quickly. Also, the web presence is tremendous, the online tools are extremely well positioned for you and your clients, and it makes my job so much easier.”
Eddie Diaz, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2013, Orlando, FL

“I first learned about Cruises Inc. from my mother-in-law, Cheri who is a Cruises Inc. vacation specialist as well. Honestly, I was referring so many people to Cheri and answering questions about travel for them, it only made sense to become an agent myself.  I work full time as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and work my Cruises Inc. business during my days off,  but I became an agent in hopes of working from home full time one day and having more flexibility with my schedule.  I get a lot of help from Support Services – they are great!  I knew the company had been around for a really long time, and that meant stability to me, not to mention the relationships the company has developed with suppliers – it is all relative.”
Katie Diekhaus, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2014 Huntersville, NC

“I’ve been able to tailor my business to my schedule as I started my family. Now that my children are in school, I’m ready to really focus on growing to my fullest potential. The back-office support and training provided by Cruises Inc. can’t be beat. I love having the industry standing of Cruises Inc. and the freedom to be my own boss.”
Lisa Sipes, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2003, Pompano Beach, FL

29“Cruises Inc. has been absolutely incredible in their support of me in growing my business and I can’t say enough about it. They are a very large family of agents and a corporate headquarters but yet it’s like we are run like a small family business because there is a connection between the staff, the agents and everyone involved.”
Vicki Hayes, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2004, Verona, WI

“I was looking forward to retiring for a long time, but I had nothing interesting to do. My one passion is cruising, so I researched opportunities in the cruise industry. I learned about Cruises Inc. and joined in July 2010. I have learned so much from the training team and customer care and have found this to be so much fun. I have been impressed with how many people have trusted me with their cruise vacations. I do not have a single negative thing to say about the corporate headquarters staff.”
Mike Cohen, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2010, Burke, VA

“I like being a part of Cruises Inc. because of the support that I get from everyone at the corporate office. I’m happy to say that with a few months of starting I had a few bookings and everyone at headquarters was very willing to help. I did research other companies before deciding to join Cruises Inc. and I didn’t feel like I would have had the support with the other companies as I do with Cruises Inc.”
Elva Conigliaro, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2012, Lindenhurst, NY

“Being a Vacation Specialist with Cruises Inc. is an adventure I’ve always wanted, my aunt was a travel agent, I used to dream I could travel all over the world. The fact that Cruises Inc. sells both Cruises and land is wonderful so I have many opportunities to see the world and tell other people about my finding and hopefully that they will book with me. This is my opportunity for my dreams to come true, and I‘m ecstatic and I want to thank you all for the opportunity to join your team.”
Laurie Ann Bahna, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2011, Plainview, NY

John Gawne 118x118“A career in the military taught me to love travel….join the Navy and see the world!  And I did, as I saw Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii, Scotland, Ireland, Greece for 3 years, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Bahrain, and Kenya.  I loved days at sea and always thought it would be great if I didn’t have to be working 12 hours a day and 7 days a week, and leave it to the cruise ship staff.  It also taught me to be able to relate to all kinds of people, and to deliver whatever I promised.  It also made me want to seek out any benefits available to any of my customers who were military or veterans.  Cruises Inc provided the initial training I needed to become the Rookie of the Year in my first year in the business.  The cruise lines and other vendors have such high regard for Cruises Inc and World Travel Holdings that it provided access to key contacts at the cruise lines and vendors, and that is crucial when seeking to resolve customer issues.  Ongoing training is provided literally daily by means of webinars featuring vendors and their products.  I have never had an issue that staff at headquarters were not able to resolve within a very short time.”
John Gawne, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2004, Virginia Beach, VA

“I’ve been with Cruises Inc. for over a decade, I got started because I just loved cruising with my husband and family, and I decided to turn my passion into a business. I never looked anywhere beyond Cruises Inc. because everything they were offering I felt that they were delivering. And it was the support that I needed in order to start and grow my business. To this day I still get all the support I need, and our headquarters staff is wonderful. they are there if you need them, and if you want to work independent you still have all the tools to build your business on your own.”
Donna Abbene, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2003, Kings Park, NY

29“I have been with Cruises Inc. for several years and I have to say it was the best decision I have made in business.  I began working in the travel industry at an airline 20 years ago and have worked at several small and large agencies over the years. There were several parts of me that did not like working for another company; the first being flexibility. I have growing children and aging parents and over the years, it was tough to get time off to take care of my personal needs. Also, the financial struggle that came as a woman in sales was a tough uphill battle. So, I began searching for a way to combine my love for travel with a flexible business endeavor and found Cruises Inc. Here, I can build my own clientele.”
Terry Jones, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2007, Herndon, VA

29“I joined Cruises Inc. in December 2012 after a career as a District Technology Specialist and it was the best decision I have ever made. As a home based agent I feel I have the best of everything. I can work and do something I love at the same time. I have the freedom of working from home and being my own boss. The things I love most about Cruises Inc. is that they provide me with all the training I need to grow my business and they offer me ways to market my business with very practical and cost-effective solutions that I can implement right away. They offer a great annual National Training Conference at Sea that not only exposes us to some of our great preferred suppliers, but we learn a great deal in a short period of time by information exchange and social interactions. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together!”
Carole Bensley, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2012, Caney, OK

29“After 35 years as a high school teacher, I needed a second career. Being a Home-based Cruise & Vacation Specialist fits my retired lifestyle and allows me to interact with clients across the nation. The support and continuing education offered through Cruises Inc. headquarters keeps me motivated and up-to-date. Cruises Inc. continues to offer innovative marketing opportunities to help me grow my business. Weekly team meetings along with the regional and national conventions provide invaluable education. This is my eighth year with Cruises Inc., and each time I receive a call from a client, I’m excited to be able to make their travel dreams a reality.”
Carla Beddome, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2003, Rancho Sta Margarita, CA

29“I decided to join Cruises Inc, because out of all the business opportunities I researched, the owner was able to speak personally with me. He told me we were a family! He told me he would show me what not to do, so I wouldn’t repeat mistakes. I focus on selling, and back office does the rest of the work including customer service. Am I glad I chose Cruises Inc over other companies? Yes! Agent support helps in several ways and customer service is the biggest support to my clients, freeing me up to handle customer needs that only I can help them with.”
Vivian Webb, Cruises Inc. Agent since 1991, Lynchburg, VA

29 Affiliating with Cruises Inc is like joining a family, not only is it a great company to affiliate with but we receive great support from the back office team as well as from fellow travel agents. We always wanted to work in the travel industry and the opportunity was presented to us in 2002. It was absolutely the right decision, we have never looked back and love every minute of it! Any time we need support, training or service for my customers, all we have to do is call corporate headquarters and they are right there to help with anything we need. From just one call through the LeadPower Lead Generation program, I sold my first World Cruise. Since then I have booked that same client on over 15 cruises – all from just one LeadPower lead. It is truly a blessing to have the flexibility to work from our home and do what we love. We truly enjoy helping others enjoy hassle-free cruise and land vacations.
Pam & Mike Guilbeau, Cruises Inc. Agents since 2002, Vidor, TX

29“After working with another host agency for more than a year and becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of organization, backup, and technology there (not to mention micro-management), I found Cruises Inc. Thankfully! I had searched for another agency for many months and was so impressed with the training program, facilities, and especially the headquarters staff. I joined Cruises Inc. in August 2008. The support and motivation I have received thus far from our customer service department, as well as my team leader, has been phenomenal.”
Darlene Kane, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2008, Vero Beach, FL

29“I was the first Outside Salesperson to join Cruises Inc. The date was 1981 (yes, over 30 years with the same company). At that time, Cruise Travel Agencies were in their infancy; in fact, Cruises Inc. was the very first cruise-only travel agency in the U.S. It was fun at that time selling cruise travel to folks who wanted to find their dream vacation and you knew would return “hooked” on cruising. To this day, I still have clients who booked with me then and continue to do so today. Our company has since grown to be an industry leader, primarily because of the support of our corporate headquarters team, from the CEO down to our excellent support staff. They make our job more pleasant and enjoyable.”
Frank Saurman, Cruises Inc. Agent since 1982, Palmyra, VA

29Formerly, I was in a biochemistry laboratory. My world was research, not sales. After retirement, I knew I wanted to remain busy doing something that I enjoyed, that this ‘something’ did not seem like a job and I would be able to work from home with no set schedule. Even though I had no previous sales experience, this opportunity seemed to meet my criteria quite well. I researched possible business opportunities and decided that Cruises Inc. was the best fit for me. The initial training program was great and really got me pumped up and I took advantage of every additional learning opportunities. I went to the National Conference, attended Cruise-a-Thon’s, and took online training and CLIA courses. I have been very pleased with the marketing assistance provided by Cruises Inc. The direct mail programs, eSavers, and LeadPower lead generation programs have been a terrific asset for my business. This begins my 8th year and looking back, I am certain that I made the right decision to affiliate with Cruises Inc and would do it all over again.
David Marshall, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2004, Dacula, GA

29I have never second guessed my decision to become a member of the Cruises Inc. organization. Working from home, choosing my hours – building a business with Cruises Inc. has been the right choice. Cruises Inc.’s support from the very beginning was excellent. I knew if I had a question or a problem I could turn to a team that was knowledgeable and caring; A staff that responds with a smile and would help me with any issue. From individual bookings to great support for group bookings and technical support, I have always been able to find the help I need. This support allows me to give my clients the best service I possibly can.
Naomi Kuhns, Cruises Inc. agent since 2009, Weddington, NC

29I’m new to Cruises Inc. I joined in July 2008 and since joining, I can honestly say that I have had the most wonderful interactions with nearly every headquarters team member, including senior management. They are without a doubt the finest, most professional people you could ever find in the travel industry and cruise business, in particular. I wanted to be part of an agency that cared about me, wanted for me to succeed, and helped me get there.”
Donna Philcox, Cruises Inc. Agent since 2008, Seaford, NY

“We have had more than nine wonderful years with Cruises Inc. There could not be a better group of people than the ones we work with at our home based office. Any questions or concerns that we have will always be answered immediately or as soon as possible if the answer isn’t known right away. Tony and I were only planning on doing this for just a few years after we retired from teaching, but here we are still at it and enjoying it very much! We are looking forward to many more years with our Cruises Inc. family.”
Tony and Amy Botto, Cruises Inc. Agents since 1998, Somers, NY

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"They are a very large family of agents and a corporate headquarters but yet it's like we are run like a small family business because there is a connection between the staff, the agents and everyone involved."Read More

Vicki Hayes

Cruises Inc. agent
since 2004
Verona, WI

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