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Q:  What are the fees and what do they include?

A:  $249 Enrollment Fee for Virtual Training – this fee is due when you sign the Cruises Inc. agreement and enroll in our program and it includes the following:

  • Earning 60-100% Commission
  • Registration for the Initial Training Class
  • Use of the Cruises Inc. Brand Name
  • Multiple Personalized Cruises Inc. Mobile-Friendly Websites
  • Full Corporate HQ, Back Office, Technology and Customer Support
  • CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) and IATAN (International Air Transport Association) Credentials (Earned According to Association Requirements)
  • Web-Based CRM, Reservation, and Financial System – Cruise Control
  • A Complete Intranet Virtual Headquarters – Business Center
  • Access to Free and Low-Cost Web Based Marketing Programs
  • Errors & Omissions (E&O) Liability Insurance ($1,000,000/year)
  • Toll-Free and Internet-based Ongoing Professional Support

Q:  Will I be an employee of Cruises Inc.?

A:  No, you will be an Independent Contractor, doing business as Cruises Inc. and receive commission on your sales.  Each year, you will receive an earnings statement called an IRS Form 1099.  No taxes will be deducted from your earnings.

Q:  Will I be entitled to deduct expenses from my earnings?

A:  Yes.  Please see your tax adviser to discuss what applicable business expenses may be deducted.

Q:  Can I add another person to my business?

A:  Yes, however this can only be a spouse (co-applicant) who is living in your household and you will operate as one business unit.  You and your co-applicant will be treated as one business.  Each Independent Agent must complete the Training & Enrollment Form and background check and attend a training seminar.


Q:  Will I have credibility working out of my home?

A:  Absolutely!  Home based businesses are widely accepted in today’s environment.  And, you are part of an organization that has a nationally recognized brand name.  Plus, you are part of World Travel Holdings, the world’s largest retailer of cruises with almost 1 Billion dollars in cruise and land-based travel sales annually.

Q:  Are there any territory restrictions placed on me?

A:  No.  You may book vacations for customers all over the country/world. Generally our contracts with cruise lines allow for us to book US & Canadian residents. However, some cruise lines also allow bookings to anyone internationally. Note that bookings cannot be made for anyone from the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and N. Korea.

Q:  Am I am able to sell all travel products or just cruises?

A:  You are able to sell all travel products including, but not limited to cruises, all-inclusive resorts, hotels, tours, car rentals, shore excursions and more!

Q:  Who is responsible for advertising costs?

A:  Your corporate marketing department creates many opportunities throughout the year.  Some have little to no cost for you.  We will provide you with camera-ready ads, press releases, direct mail samples, etc.  From time to time, you may also have the opportunity to participate in cooperative national advertising and direct mail campaigns, which are subsidized by our cruise line and land-based travel partners.

Q:  What kind of office equipment do I need?

A:  The great thing is, your office can be anywhere – your home, the beach or on a hiking trail – as long as you have an internet connection you can be selling vacations! Our current minimum hardware and software requirements are: High Speed Internet Access, Microsoft Windows Desktop, Laptop or Tablet. Microsoft Office 2010 or higher (which includes Word, Excel and Outlook), Anti-virus program, such as Norton Anti-Virus or McAfee, and Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 11.0. We do not support any Apple/Mac hardware or operating

Q:  Which cruise lines can I represent?

A:  You may book your customers on virtually every cruise line throughout the world.  Cruises Inc. has formed strategic alliances with the major cruise lines to provide support for our agents in terms of pricing and marketing programs.

Q:  How soon can I begin to sell and make commissions?

A:  You will be able to start booking cruises and land-based travel upon satisfactory completion of training.  Training can be completed at our world headquarters in Florida or online via our Virtual Training class options.

Q:  How do I earn income from my travel vacation sales?

A:  You will receive commission on each cruise, hotel or resort vacation sold excluding taxes and government fees (known in the industry as “NCF’s” (non-commissionable fees).

Q:  What does this represent in dollars?

A:  If a one week vacation has a base (commissionable price) of about $2000, and the vacation vendor pays a commission of 15%, the total commission would be $300 and your share of this total commission is on a graduated scale based on annual sales.  The scale starts at 60% and can be as high as 100%.  We do not represent that any agent will sell any minimum number of cruises or vacation products.  The number sold, if any, depends on many factors, including your commitment to the business.

Q:  How do I get paid the commissions that I earn?

A:  Cruises Inc. processes incoming commission checks to our agents twice each month, upon receipt of the commission from the cruise line or other vacation vendor, normally at the time final payment is received.  Cruises Inc. makes all payments by direct deposit.

Q:  Are there any other opportunities to earn income from each sale?

A:  Absolutely!  You can earn commissions by offering travel protection, shore excursions, pre-and-post hotel, airfare and other optional features.  Plus, sales are not restricted to cruise vacations, you can also sell hotels, all-inclusive resorts, land vacations, independent tours, escorted tours and more.

Q:  What does Cruises Inc. provide agents in return for its share of the commission split?

A:  The Cruises Inc. program is designed to enable its independent cruise specialist to do exactly that – SELL.  We provide customer, technology and agent support, Seller of Travel registration in all States that require it and marketing support.

Once you complete a cruise sale and your customer’s deposit is received, the highly experienced staff in our Central Operations Office performs the following functions and more:

  • Invoicing and Processing
  • Booking Verification
  • Final Payment Arrangements
  • Document Processing
  • Customer Service Issues
  • Cruises Inc. Maintains all of the Required Industry Memberships and Certifications on your Behalf, Including Travel Seller Registrations in all Required States.

The end result is that you represent a recognized and accredited national brand without incurring the expenses and administrative hassles associated with maintaining a business.  You truly have the best of both worlds – an independent business backed by a large entrepreneurial organization.

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